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Mineral Exploration, Development & Corporate Services














What makes geology so beautiful is that  it hides its riches in the vastness of both space and time. 



analysis and intelligence

corporate services & investor relations;

strategy reviews

exploration business    

sampling theory

scientific model & hypothetico-deductivism

mineral deposit models

 geological, geochemical & geophysical interpretation 

jorc compliance

mineral exploration targeting

training, teaching and mentorship

Papers and Blog


Regularly updated discussion on a variety of topics relating to technical and business aspects of Exploration As a Business

Translating the language rocks speak with business

GeoSpy is a translator between two languages. 

The language that rocks speak is one of subtlety, complexity and hidden meaning. GeoSpy's principal Darren Holden is an expert geologist who is technically savvy and always delivers an 'outside the square' discovery process. 


The language business speaks is one of value creation, development, milestones and delivery. Darren Holden is a well connected and accomplished corporate raconteur delivering the message of discovery with verve, credibility and honesty. 




Several ASX listed companies focused on:

  • Gold

  • Silver +Pb+Zn

  • Copper



"Discovery begins with a bold and fertile vision".